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Friday, July 08, 2005

Landlord issues when buying a business

When a business is sold to a new buyer and the seller has a Lease for their offices, store, etc., it is imperative and in many cases required that the Lease be assigned to the new buyer or a new Lease put in place for the new buyer. Sometimes this becomes a sticking point in a deal that is in escrow, that has been approved for a business loan and is ready to close except for this Lease issue. The professionalism of the Business Broker and the professionals they work with are the key to understanding how to solve this issue which potentially could sabotage the deal.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The final stages of a deal

There are always questions that pop up when someone is either on the buying end or selling end of any transaction. These questions are all valid and deserve answers before a final committment is made and money changes hands. This is the place for you to ask those questions! My partners and I will do our best to try to guide you to what is right for you... and you are different than everyone else... each transaction, no matter how similar it is to another transaction differs in the people involved and this changes the equation. Ask away and we shall send our opinions your way!